Our Recent Loss…

It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of my father, Warren Murphy, on Sept 4, 2015.  Murphy passed away peacefully in his Virginia Beach home.  The literary world- no, the  world in general- has lost a true champion.

One of “The Good Guys,” this loss will be felt by many.  Please keep our family, friends and his ever-faithful fans in your thoughts and prayers.

You’re loved and loved, Champ!


First things first: Who is that masked man?

“The Alexander Dumas of the mystery genre, Warren Murphy is able to write prolifically to a standard of excellence and able to work with many and varied collaborators (or without them) in any sub-genre of the mystery field yet maintain a distinctive voice…

“Murphy’s work ranges from classic locked room mysteries to taut thrillers to the satire and raucous humor of The Destroyer and the Trace series…

“He has served as a mentor and teacher to a whole generation of crime and thriller writers.”

From Prentice Hall’s “Encyclopedia Mysteriosa”


Write right. The Professional way.

Starting now and right here!!!! A new, practical plan for doing your novel.

Your instructor is Warren Murphy who says: “Get started on your novel here. Stick with me. You’ll finish your novel and you’ll like it.”

Warren Murphy has written movies and books with sales of 50 million copies. He has won a dozen national awards including two Edgars from the Mystery Writers of America.

Here, from a lifetime of writing, are Murphy’s thoughts — (learned through sometimes-painful experience) — on how to plan, write and finish your book.

This is no crash course; It’ll probably be quite a few months before Murphy is done. Stay with it. You will learn:

to think like a writer.

to plot like a writer.

to write like a writer.

to finish like a winner.

Warren Murphy says: “My usual fee for teaching is $7 million a week — but for the next year, you can get the special bargain rate of zero. Join us now.”

To get started on a path to your completed novel, follow the link above to the Writing Class page. Or, simply CLICK HERE



54 Responses to Home

  1. Ian Edwards says:


    Chiun The Reigning Master Of Sinanju, He Who Graciously Throttles the Universe

    As a follower of the scribbler Murphy, and a practitioner of Ninjutsu for over Twenty Years I am taking this class. Your disaproval only serves to enhance it’s reputation

    Heh heh heh


  2. Fred Gilmore says:

    Hi all
    I have every book in the series of the Destroy including the 5 new destroyers and the two Assassins handbooks. I have been reading the Destroyer since 1974. If any one would like to buy the whole collection let me know.
    thank You

  3. gerard parks says:

    regarding Thomas Gray my uncle

  4. Not says:

    Your Daughter is my English teacher!!!!!!!

  5. PAULO S. says:


  6. PAULO S. says:


  7. Michael S says:

    Can you advise what was the last book in the series for “the Destroyer,” or the New Destroyer,” written by any of you or your ghost writers or that were published, i.e. I recollect reading book #140′s or 150′s (in that range). Indeed, I read every one of the books from book 1 until the last one a few years ago (I think it was the last one); hence the reason I am asking, I’d like to make sure that I got them all. Is there any chance of starting to write them again? I miss Remo. :(

    • I’ll leap in here. Warren is writing Destroyers now. There are four new books out: The End of the World, two novellas: Savage Song and Number Two and a spin-off called Legacy. The first book in the Legacy series is out — Forgotten Son. They feature Remo’s children Winston (Stone) Smith and Freya Williams. There should be a new novella and Legacy novel out within a month or two.

      To return to the past, the last Destroyer published by Gold Eagle was #145 Dragon Bones. Then Warren and his co-writer (and former ghost writer of #s111-131) James Mullaney wrote four for Tor called The New Destroyer — Guardian Angel, Choke Hold, Dead Reckoning and Killer Ratings.

  8. teksty says:

    Howdy would you mind letting me know which web host you’re working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different browsers and I must say this blog loads a
    lot quicker then most. Can you recommend a good internet hosting provider at
    a honest price? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

  9. Nasdaq7 says:

    Today I was looking at that old movie, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, 1985 again. It was quite a good movie.

  10. Love this series. If every aspiring novelist took the advice you freely offer, the “rejection” phase of their careers (this is when everything you write gets rejected because it stinks, but you don’t know how to fix it, or even understand that it stinks) would be a lot shorter. A whole lot.

  11. sharon williams says:

    I have been a reader of the Destroyer books for a very long time. Every story draws you in and has revelant insights given by none other than the great master chuin. I wonder what he would say about modern korea today ? Both sides north and south.

  12. Ryan says:

    When will the rest of the series (books 71 and up) be available in the Kindle store?

  13. Arthur Bennett says:

    I’ve been reading the Destroyer Series since early 73′ and have enjoyed every one I’ve read. I hope there will be more to come and also look forward to the Legacy series.

  14. Phil Dalager says:

    When will the rest of the Trace series be available for Kindle?

  15. Hi Warren ,

    I read all of the Destroyer series in the early eighties and collected most of the series , I was in the Australian Military with postings carting too much good stuff around was awkward so I unfortunately had to assess my amount of worldly goods .
    I donated my destroyer series to a Salvation Army shop many years ago , I now have an iPad and am avidly collecting the series again when will the rest be available in the iBook library .

    Thank you for your time

  16. Gary Herndon says:

    So I go out and buy a nook so I can read the new series — Great by the way. However, now my nook is useless as the new ones can only be read by using a Kindle. I’m not made of money you know! How about offering your books in books in both the nook version along with the Kindle version?

  17. Greg LeBlanc says:

    I am trying to find The Destroyer books for sale can you suggest anywhere they can be located? Any help will be appreciated, thanks
    Greg LeBlanc

  18. Mike Gottlieb says:

    I just finished reading legacy book number two, The Killing Fields. When is # 3 coming out.
    I read the entire Destroyer series through Killer Ratings. my problem is trying to figure out which of the new books being published for Kindle are reissues from the oldest first series and which books are new offerings.
    1/ Are “End of the World” and “Savage Song” new books or re-issue of the old Destroyer serious?
    2/ I love the legacy series.
    3/ I also loved and still do love the Destroyer Series.

    Mike Gottlieb Oct 18, 2013

  19. Robert Jordan says:

    I found the series, when it first started, as I just left VietNam and arrived in Germany. I’ve been a fan of Chiun and Remo since that day. It would be hard to not imagine the adventure, irreverence, on the fly humor, and repartee that occurs in each book. I lost track of my collection, and reading for about 5 years, and spent quite a lot of time trying to re-collect the missing ones and play catch-up.
    The fact that they might be available electronically is a great surprise as I’ve been re-reading classics and others novels via the newer medium these days.
    Many hurrahs to the wonderful years of entertainment you have brought out to we the masses…

  20. Jonathan Freeman says:

    I can’t find destroyer #71. Can you help me find one?


    Jon Freeman

  21. Sanju Kyu says:

    Wikipedia says “He has written two books of a planned trilogy in the GrandMaster series.”

    I know the world changed radically even between book 1 and 2. Does the lack of Cold War tension obviate the polar opposition of Gilead and Zharkov? Will GrandMaster III ever come out?

    [I suspect it's a bit late for turning it into a movie.]

    Best wishes!

  22. Mike C says:

    Dear Mr. Murphy,

    Please ignore and/or forgive these technophiliacs asking mundane questions regarding hardware-software compatibility. Obviously, their queries are mis-founded and they ineptly assume that an author has any sway with a publishing company’s decision over what to offer in which electronic format. Mistakenly, they assume you have an answer which might be more effectively asked of your unworthy publisher.

    Such answers are understandably beneath you and I do not begrudge you your lack of communication in response to these shabby queries.

    Please, keep on writing and furthering the adventures of those in Line with Sinanju, without concern for elements your publisher should rightfully be held responsible.

    With very respectful regards,
    Mike C

  23. Raymond B says:

    Holy freaking crap!!! You started writing Remo again and I just accidentally found out about it. I feel like the guy who was invited to an Elite party, left early, and found out the next day that everything great that happened there occurred after my departure. I’m glad you are writing Remo again. I started reading the book in 1982 at the tender age of 16 when my family moved from Ontario to Alberta Canada. I love to death your books. The movies did not live up to the brilliancy of the novels. Keep it going Mr. Murphy. It is obvious that you have a cult-like following of your great works.

    PS…my love for your work is obviously displayed in the email username that I use.

  24. Lee W says:

    Got a Kindle as a Christmas present this year. Promptly downloaded 100 free eBooks off Amazon. Settled back and picked one at random. Just happened to be the first Trace novel. A few things made me search on the internet for when it was published (a dime for a phone call, everyone smokes cigarettes, Nixon is still alive, etc.), and discovered it’s 30 years old. Tell ya what – times have moved on, but it holds up well. Good novel, Mr Murphy. I may just PAY to read more of yours…

  25. barrett says:

    Mr Murphy

    Thank you for your creative genius character Remo Williams. The movie is one of my favorite movies from the 1980′s and Remo is my favorite American action heros. He really should get a reboot on the big screen. I believe his time is now. Just wanted to say thank you and your comments on possible movie talks has made me excited about the possibility.

  26. Jim Huntamer says:

    My favorites were the Trace novels and the Digger (Trace by another name) novels. Brilliant mysteries (one was ruined by the cover picture which gave away the ending – dumb publisher) and thick with laugh out loud humor.

  27. jesse James McGuire says:

    I NEED A DESTROYER MOVIE BEFORE I DIE! Get on it! I think the world is ready for a new version of the movie. Fred Ward is too Old now, but the world is ready I tell you!

  28. Joseph M. Langone says:

    I have read every book and have every book in the Destroyer Series. I started reading and collecting them since they first came out. Have just read # 150 and sorry to say that it (In my Opinion) was not nearly as entertaining as all the rest. Have just started reading Legacy and hope that it is more satisfying. Mr, Murphy you are only a month older then I am so I expect to Keep reading books in this series for at least 20 more years. Please do not go on another hiatus.

  29. Bennett Klafter says:

    I just wanted to thank you and your co-conspirator, Richard Sapir for corrupting me and entertaining me and my family for many wonderful years. The Destroyer series was my favorite Action/Adventure/Comic/Science Fiction series. I loved all the characters, even Lemony Harold Smith, Emperor. I also enjoyed Lethal Weapon 2 more than the rest of that series
    ( though that whole series was brilliant ) Thank you for creating the character of Leo Gets. He was a great foil for Martin Riggs and he made the rest of the series more fun as well.

    I was very saddened by Richard’s death ( though it hit you harder than it did your readers. After all, he was your friend as well as your collaborator. So this is quite natural! Even so, you had the great decency to pay him homage in all the rest of the books.

  30. ace says:

    I miss the old books. They just aren’t the same now. Back in the day they were wonderful satire that took a swipe at idiots of all stripes, left and right. Now the the “humor” comes off very one-sided and angry. Problem is, when you’re only lampooning one point of view the books read more like strident propaganda than humor. To be fair I am a moderate (I am from New Hampshire and identify with old-fashioned “everyone mind their own business” Republicans, but find the redneck Evangelical right wing too dumb to bear). So I gave my newer Destroyer books to a friend who is much less moderate and more to the right than me. Even he said they turned his stomach, “like when you’re at a party and suddenly some old guy starts telling racist jokes and you start looking for the door.” He was a bit insulted I would give him such “repellant” books and actually think he might find them funny. Oh well, I guess I will continue to enjoy the older books and not buy any more of these.

  31. Gabe Naimaister says:

    So when is the next Trace novel coming out?

  32. Lorna says:

    Dear Mr. Murphy I read and loved your book that you and Molly Cochran wrote the forever king my son bought it for my birthday in 1993. I loved the book and read it to my husband then to my son and now I am reading it to my teen daughter the book is even more special to me now because my son was killed in an accident in 2006, so even though the paperback is falling apart and held together with tape I can not part with it.
    I have it on kindle though and one day will buy hard cover. But for now that little paper back is like the crown jewels. This however, is not why I am writing to you I have been waiting and Hoping for years that I would see this wonderful book made into a major motion picture (epic) on the lord of the rings/Lawrence of Arabia scale _ imagine the special effects. I even picked out the cast – and wanted to contact Spielberg to make suggestion – I hope that you can use your amazing talents and influence to convince someone to make this film. Thank you and loved the book I recommend highly. Lorna

  33. Lorna L. says:

    Mr. Murphy for some reason my email address comes up incorrectly tried changing several times it should be – .com not .vim

  34. Lorna L. says:

    Dear Mr. Murphy years ago my son bought the book ‘the forever king’ for my birthday I fell in love with the story and the characters. It is very special to me and even though it is falling apart and held together with tape it is like the crown jewels to me not just because of the story but also because my son was killed in an accident in 2006 so I treasure this book I have it on kindle and will see if it’s in hard back. The reason, however that I am writing to you is that for years I have been waiting for this book to be made into a movie – I think it would be a magnificent movie on the scale of Lord of the rings/Lawrence of Arabia imagine the special effects!!!!! So could you please use your considerable talents and amazing influence to have this movie made – I haven’t forgotten that Molly Cochran was also involved what a great pair of imagination. Thank you Lorna

  35. Francisco Sanchez says:

    Dear Mr. Murphy

    I first read the Destroyer series in 1972. I was just 14. If memory serves, my Spanish versions were published by Pimienta Books or so. Very good translations by the way. I say so because I´ve been able to read a couple of the stories in English and am pleased to see the translators respected your and Mr. Sapir’s (RIP) ideas. Seems as if somehow Remo forewarned them not to risk unleashing the wrath of the Master of Sinanju…

    Then, as Chiun would say, I showed how easily a growing man could discard the robes of childhood wisdom to cloak himself in the rags of ignorance and stupidity: I gave my treasures away. By doing so, I harmed no one but myself. And I can assure you: The punishment fit the crime.

    But my sincere repentance must have been noticed up there. I could get hold of a couple of Destroyers (I’m discreetly hunting for more of these valuables at second-hand bookstores. If retailers know how I value these, prices will skyrocket!). And I assure you I look after my acquisitions the way Chiun looks after his picture of Rad Rex or his recordings of As The Planet Revolves or the other soap operas.

    Really, thank you for having provided me with so much pleasure!

    Greetings and best wishes from Mexico City!

  36. Mike Gottlieb says:

    I started reading with #1 “Created the Destroyer” on my way back to NJ from San Francisco and for the next 5 or ten years would pick up the next installment at the SFO book store in the main terminal. Until on one trip they said they no longer carried the series. So they lost my business. I have read every issue except for the “The Assassin’s Handbook” and the very last Destroyer book which I have saved for a special day. I have read the 3 Legacy series and just bought #4. I really enjoy them. Just knowing Remo and Chiun are still out there is comforting. I wish you and your sons all the best. I think the time s right for another Destroyer film. When the 1st one came out they didn’t have the special effects needed to do the “moves” right. They do now. I’ll read the End of the World after I finish Legacy 4.

    Sincere best wishes.
    Mike Gottlieb

    • hi, mike, thanks — if i haven’t said it before — for the kind words re remo, chiun and our merry gang of tall-tale-tellers. (i may have said it before but i’ve been stuggling some healthwise and the memory chops just ain’t what they used to be.) anyway, thanks again. we keep on keeping on. you do the same.

  37. Phil C says:

    Thank you for the Destroyer series. Still enjoyable after all of these years.

  38. John M says:

    Dear Mr Murphy,
    I got hooked on the Destroyer series when they were re-released a couple of years ago as ebooks on the kindle. I would eagerly snap them up 5 at a time on the first day. I currently have 1-50. However, amazon uk don’t have any of the gere donovan press ones for sale from 51 onwards and its been like that for a year now. Amazon US has them listed but not for sale. Other sitesare selling them on different versions butnone for the kindle.
    please Mr Murphy can you tell me whats going on? I want to stick with the series and be able to read all 150 novels!

  39. Mike Gaul says:

    Mr. Murphy

    Can I get a bookplate signed if I send one to you?


  40. Lily McD. says:

    Just a note: My Dad turned me on to the Destroyer. As he was a life-long print journalist & later an editor (started at Stars & Stripes after Bob Heinlein and in civilian life at the old Brooklyn Daily News,) he had pronounced opinions & exceptional taste in books.

    He found your work (quality & volume) quite admirable – and so do I.

    Any young one that wants to WRITE (as opposed to “being a writer”) should take anything you offer & run with it!

  41. Terry L says:

    Words cannot express the feelings of loss and sadness at the passing of a literary grand master.
    I have followed Warren Murphy’s writings ever since I discovered the newly published first Destroyer novel on the shelf of my local bookseller.

    Rest in peace Warren. Although we have never met, I will always consider you a friend.

  42. Dar says:

    Many people will benefit from these essays that Warren wrote on the subject of writing. I lean on them heavily to help me with my own attempts at making up stories. As someone wise once said, “The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” Thank you for the inspiration and the education: you made it look easy. Rest in peace.

  43. Meir S. Mark says:

    To surviving family members:
    The loss is very great. Somehow, I felt the loss of Richard Sapir as well. I always sensed Warren’s sadness at that loss also. Warren’s death leaves a very big empty space in our world and you should find comfort in knowing that his contribution to our world will go on for decades.
    Some of us will find some comfort in knowing if any of his unfinished projects will find completion or any of his series will be continued. Please let us know.

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