Nov 4, 2010

The Democrats’ nightmare:

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 Democratic political operatives being the scum that they are — (hey, don’t look at me. I’m retired scum.) –you know that they must have hired every private detective in Florida to go out and dig up dirt on Marco Rubio, the new Republican Senator Elect. That they found nothing was obvious because otherwise they would have blasted it out through their butt-wipe house organs like Jon Stewart and Leno and Letterman. Remember, these Dem ops are the people who, striking a blow for their favorite cause of women’s equality, called female opponents in this election slut, bitch and whore. But silence about Rubio. That says more than words.

So how scared do you think they are of him in 2012 and, especially, 2016? Chris Matthews’ leg must be absolutely quivering by now. This PMSNBC jackass was thinking of running for Senator in Pennsylvania. Now, all he has to look forward to is a lifetime of trying to pretend that Keith Doberman is funny. Good luck, Chris.

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