Feb 6, 2011

Nobody asked me but...

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 Does anybody else find Donald Trump as annoying as I do? I suppose if you’ve got enough money and enough public relations people, it’s inevitable that you can get your face plastered all over every tabloid in town, but must you pose for pictures with that stupid lip sticking out, thinking it makes you look tough? Pitiful.

And speaking of pitiful, what about all those TV sports producers who think that any of us who occasionally watch basketball are entranced by the antics of Spike Lee at courtside? Who cares who this cretin is rooting for? Why doesn’t he just stay home?

And speaking of basketball, I kept hearing about Blake Griffin, the slam-dunk king of the game today, so I checked him out and, yes, he is a big strong dunking machine, but every score is the same — just pure power, throw it down, in your face, mama. And after a while it gets boring. Add up every slam dunk this kid makes this year, and all of them together don’t exhibit the artistry of any one single shot by Julius Erving in his prime.

And speaking of basketball scoring, the greatest shooter — (and probably ball-handler) — that I ever saw was Pistol Pete Maravich. In college, he set the all-time scoring record with a 44 point verage…and that was before the three-point line was introduced. Somebody went back through all the film of Maravich’s games and figured out that if the three-point shot had existed in those days, Pistol Pete’s scoring average would have been 57 points a game. The three-point shot came to the NBA in 1979-80, Maravich’s last year, and despite aching knees and failing health — (he would die only a couple of years later) — his three point average that final year was 67 percent. He was Showtime before there was Showtime.

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